Wash and Fold service at YLaundry is a convenient way to get your laundry cleaned and folded without having to do the work yourself. With our Wash and Fold service, you simply drop off your dirty clothes and we take care of everything else.

The process typically begins with us separating your clothes by color and material. This ensures that your clothes are washed in the appropriate temperature and cycle for optimal cleaning and to avoid any damage to delicate fabrics.

Once your clothes are sorted, they are loaded into a commercial washing machine and washed with detergent and fabric softener. We will then transfer your clothes to a commercial dryer and tumble dry them on a gentle cycle.

Once your clothes are dry, they are folded neatly and packaged for you to pick up.

Using our Wash and Fold service can save you time and energy and can be especially helpful for those who have busy schedules or limited access to laundry facilities. We also offer pickup and delivery options, so you don’t even have to leave your home to get your laundry done.